Nialaya needed the full SEO package with everything SEO contains. And with American keywords and the industry as a jewelery, it is a hardcore market with great competition we work with. However, we have met Nialaya’s and our own top-ranked targets on Google’s Page 1 worldwide with keywords like “Mens bracelets”, “Beaded bracelets” and “Celebrity bracelets” as well as many more high volume keywords. At the same time, we have also optimized Nialaya’s videos on Youtube and have had great success in just a few days and weeks with top rankings.


  • SEO / Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Youtube optimization
  • Linkbuilding / Backlinks
jannik-olander Nialaya

We have been very pleased to work with Kim Behrens and Synchronize Media, who have delivered outstanding results for Nialaya. We have worked closely together over the past 5 years and we at NIALAYA are very pleased with the results we have today. I can highly recommend Kim and his team to others.

Jannik Olander – Nialaya Jewelry, CEO & Founder