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About Us

The Foundation

Synchronize Media has been present for several years and was created in 2012, we have come together from different worlds, all at high professional levels. This has created a nuanced and solid foundation for a thorough and reliable delivery of consulting and online marketing services for our customers worldwide. Synchronize Media have offices located in Copenhagen (Denmark), Birmingham (UK) and Barcelona (Spain).


The Expertise

Joint we have many years of experience in Online marketing as SEO, SEM and SMM we also do us in Business Development, Web Development, Project Management, Sales, International business, idea development and market exploration.

Why you should choose us

We are constantly updated

Every month the Search Engines tightens and develop their technology and procedures, that have crucial affect the online marketing of company web sites. We follow all these updates closely from the US and other leading places in the world, so we always stand in the forefront in the business.

We have practical experience

We have experience with both traditional marketing consultancy and project management with very unique shops, besides online marketing consultancy. Which means that we have a deep understanding of our customers’ product which has great significance for sales online and not just getting a lot of traffic.

We possess in-depth expertise

Management of advanced web development is an important related skill when working with online marketing consultancy. Synchronize-Media has extensive experience in web development, from parallel projects with complex websites built from the ground up in partnership with internet entrepreneurs.